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5 yrs of experience in Food Retail Strategy & Operations

Advice 1: On the importance of being organised and patient: One of the things that helps to deliver great results is organisation. Being organised helps you to anticipate what is coming, and prepare sufficiently. For instance, when preparing a group communication, you have time to speak to all of the relevant people involved and maybeContinue reading “5 yrs of experience in Food Retail Strategy & Operations”

6 yrs of experience in Finance and Strategy

Advice 1: On getting work experience prior to deciding on a career path: Karina recommends this 100%. Among other internships, Karina completed internships in Equity Derivatives Sales, in Marketing at a luxury department store in Paris, in traditional Investment Banking and in Equity Research, before starting a full-time role working on the Luxury Goods teamContinue reading “6 yrs of experience in Finance and Strategy”

15 yrs of experience in Finance, IT and Entrepreneurship

Advice 1: On changing industry and convincing your prospective employer: When you are thinking about moving to a different role, breaking out your current and prospective role into their respective components may actually reveal that the two jobs are a lot more similar to each other than you first thought. Figuring out the common requiredContinue reading “15 yrs of experience in Finance, IT and Entrepreneurship”