7 yrs of experience in Marketing

Advice 1: At the start of my career in J&J, being new in the company I wanted to please and be liked by everyone and I always said ‘yes’ and accepted all incoming requests ASAP, without setting a clear personal agenda of priorities. There were cases in which in order to avoid pushing back a deadline of a less important task, I had to disrupt the flow of another project that was a bigger priority, or ended up overworking . Another similar mistake is that I would tend to avoid conflict and agreed with the way forward without always expressing a different point of view, again in order to maintain good relationships. Over the years, I learnt that learning to say no or managing timings expectations only elevates your image as a professional who owns their agenda and knows well the right and important things to work on. Also being able to disagree does not mean conflict or jeopardising relationships, as this again allows you to bring constructive discussion on the table and the result is a more optimal solution or idea, but also an improved image as a value adding honest authentic professional.

Advice 2: I have always done things or tested ideas over and above my day to day job. These pilots and ideas often became successful case studies that were rolled out to other brands and improved my visibility in the company, but also projected a self-motivated individual with initiative that is very valued by the company.

Advice 3: Finding your purpose and analysing the WHY behind what you do and how it fulfills you as a person and allows you to do what you enjoy. By understanding what is it that brings you meaning and what you enjoy doing most in life, you can make the link to your work and what type of work allows you to do that and to give your best self at work. This makes you much more motivated and you create a more sustainable positive relationship with your work. Another advice is to be your authentic self at work , don’t be afraid to share your personal side with your team . By helping others understand who you really are and where you come from and doing the same with others, everyone will feel much more comfortable at work and will be able to unleash their full potential.

Details of experience: I am currently the Marketing Manager at Johnson and Johnson for Cough & Cold brands (Benylin and Sudafed) for the UK & Ireland, leading a team of 4 and responsible for driving profitable growth for the brands through successful Media & Communications plans, commercial and product innovation. Prior to this I was a Brand Manager for Cold & Flu in South Europe based in Madrid, after completing an MBA at ESADE. Before the MBA , I worked for PepsiCo first as a sales development representative and then as a category executive.

What the job is really like: As a team leader, a lot of my time goes towards connecting with the team to help and support them to deliver and guide them to take best decisions in their projects. Also, given we are managing Cough & Cold brands our ‘season’ is the winter . I am working closely with media agencies and creative agencies to deliver the winter campaigns and ensure we improve RoI with the ultimate objective to grow share of market. I am also representing the team in order to provide business updates to the leadership team and get approval on any new innovation projects. I am also working closely with the Global C&C team to express the needs of the UK market in order to influence the global strategy and innovation pipeline.

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