Being organised

  • On the importance of being organised and patient: One of the things that helps to deliver great results is organisation. Being organised helps you to anticipate what is coming, and prepare sufficiently. For instance, when preparing a group communication, you have time to speak to all of the relevant people involved and maybe set up a customer roundtable to understand client views. This is especially important when dealing with different countries, as you need to be mindful of and take into account the time differences. Capucine’s advice to herself when she was first starting out is to be more patient. Often the retail world is very fast and it draws you in. You constantly think about your next role, and the role after that. But sometimes it is great to enjoy the role that you have, take your time to understand what is going on, learn the market, learn how customers react.

This is an excerpt from the post written by Experience Share, based on their interview with Capucine Jacomin on 20/11/2020. Capucine has 5 years of experience in food retail strategy and operations. To see the entire post and listen to the audio, click here.