Benefits of an MBA

  • On doing an executive MBA: one of the best things is that you meet a lot of people who you would not have met otherwise – people from totally different industries and from different countries. It makes you understand that to start your own business, you don’t need to have an idea that you think is going to become the next Facebook or the next Twitter and people who are running their own businesses are a lot like you and not like Jeff Bezos or Mark Zuckerberg. The executive MBA opens your eyes to the opportunities that are out there and gives you the confidence to believe they’re open to you. Indeed, Boris started his own business after finishing the executive MBA. 

This is an excerpt from the post written by Experience Share, based on their interview with Boris Vilidnitsky on 10/11/2020. Boris has 15 years of work experience in IT, finance and entrepreneurship. To see the entire post, click here.