Equity Research-specific advice

  • When you go to your first meeting, memorize the basics and ensure you remember them if someone asks you on the spot (they will). Know your price target, current valuation multiples, your price target multiples, the market cap, size of each division, off by heart. Practice your main spiel in advance and think of the questions you would ask if you were on the other side of the table, then answer them.
  • If you are a lead analyst, you are aiming to build your brand in the market. If you’ve written something that has gotten some traction, keep writing on that same theme! Do a short follow up report, remind colleagues and clients of the work that got traction at every opportunity and reiterate your view. Everyone is making a lot of noise and this is one ways to make clients and colleagues remember you and your work.

The above is an excerpt from a post written by Paulina Sokolova on 22/06/2020. Paulina has 7 years of experience in Equity Research. To see the entire post, click here.