Working through uncertain times

  • On uncertainty and turbulent times: Matt was working in an economics consultancy and subsequently in equity research in Russia during the 90s including through the 1998 financial crisis. This was a very uncertain time in Matt’s career as many foreign financial firms were pulling out of the market. As a young analyst, it left him questioning what the best place for him was and ended up transitioning several times during this period. Matt comments that periods of uncertainty will test your ability to be adaptable and will test your motives for doing what you’re doing. If you find your job rewarding in a genuine way, whether it’s intellectually stimulating, you’re fascinated by your industry or you are a people person and meet many people in your job, your drive and dedication to your field are less likely to be damaged by a period of uncertainty. Having a genuine interest in your work will help you to deal with and perhaps even thrive in turbulent times. While you may experience setbacks, as long as you are adding to your experience, that is ok. You may gain exposure to something and add skills to your toolbox that will prove to be valuable further down the line, even if that is not immediately evident. 

This is an excerpt from the post written by Experience Share, based on their interview with Matt Thomas on 14/01/2021. Matt has over 20 years of experience in finance and management. To see the entire post and listen to the audio, click here.